What to Pack for Your Trip to China: An Ultimate Guide

Planning a trip to China? Make sure you have all the essentials in your suitcase. From clothing items to toiletries and tech accessories, this guide has everything you need for a successful stay in the country.

Tourist Visa and Documentation

Before arriving in China, you must obtain a tourist visa and any other necessary documents. A valid passport and an application form for a visa are required in order to enter the country. Your passport must be valid for six months beyond your planned stay in the country. It is also recommended to check with embassies and consulates ahead of time to determine the specific requirements for obtaining a visa before you travel.

Once you have obtained your visa and other required documents, make sure to keep copies of each and pack them in both your carry-on luggage and checked baggage. Chinese embassies often require all travelers to present their tourist visa and other documentation to border control upon arrival. In addition, prepare to provide the hotel address where you will be staying in China. Knowing how to properly pack for a trip can help make sure that you are well prepared for your travels. Be sure not to forget items such as comfortable shoes, sunscreen, and insect repellant if you plan on exploring outdoor areas.

Appropriate Clothing

When it comes to fashion in China, dress confidently but conservatively. Depending on the area you are visiting and the time of year, make sure you bring a coat or jacket and several pairs of pants, shirts and/or dresses. Make sure your clothes fit properly so that you don’t stand out too much. Consider bringing items that can be easily layered for changing temperatures throughout the day.

Also, try to wear colors that aren’t too bright; muted colors blend better in the local culture. Pack comfortable shoes for walking around. Choose footwear that has been broken in before your trip since you will likely spend some time traversing a number of city streets or other outdoor activities like hiking. When indoors during the winter, it is common to take off your coat; this is an informal way of paying respect to one’s host or guests. If you plan on being invited into someone’s home, be sure to dress up the attire a bit from what you are wearing outdoors.

Travel Adapter and Electronics

While in China, you will need to purchase a travel adapter to use your electronics. Most electronics will require 220 volts of electricity and outlets with two rounded pins, which are not the same as most other countries. Ensure that you have a good quality travel adapter before you leave for China as it can be hard to locate once you arrive. Additionally, check if the items you want to plug-in will work properly before leaving home.

Additionally, if you plan to take any electronics like cameras, phones, laptops, hair dryers and other items with you on your trip make sure they will work in China. China typically works on 220V which is different from the standard 110V used in some countries (United States, Canada). This means that if you don’t have dual voltage electronics or an adapter for them then they won’t work properly. Be aware that many hotels in China do not provide adapters as part of their services so make sure to pack one or two for your convenience.

VPN App and Software

When you’re visiting China, it’s important to be aware that its government heavily regulates the content available online. It can be difficult to access websites like Google or YouTube while in China, which is why bringing a VPN app or software is essential. A VPN, or “virtual private network,” creates an encrypted connection from your device to a secure server located outside of China. This will make it so that you are able to access blocked sites without censorship and protect your data from cybercriminals.

There are quite a few VPN services available and choosing one can be difficult. You can check VPN reviews for China or search Google with keywords such as VPN推荐. Make sure to pick a reputable provider that offers VPN for China with good customer service, and high speeds. Look for reviews of the different companies online before settling in on one. Also, remember to download the VPN software before you travel to China as it will be much more difficult once there. When searching for hotels during your trip, check if they offer their own VPNs as some offer free wifi but also provide an extra layer of security. With a VPN you’ll be able to access all the information you need while still staying safe online!


In preparing for your trip to China, you should now have a better understanding of the items that are essential to pack and why. From ensuring good health through necessary medications to making sure you’re able to access blocked websites with a VPN, these considerations will ensure that your journey is hassle-free and enjoyable throughout. Have fun, stay safe, and happy traveling!