What is the most popular trend of 2020? Staycations!

Every year people go on various kinds of holidays – the international trips, holidays within the country, road trips, weekend trips, religious trips etc.. Over the years we’ve seen the holiday trend evolving. People want to even make use of the weekends. For these short trips, they prefer not to travel very far but to a place that is relaxing and gives them a break from their normal lives. The solution for this problem is staycation. Staycation is the new vacation.

A staycation means vacations that you take at home or near your home rather than traveling to another place. We noticed a sudden popularity for this type of holiday in 2020 after the world got struck by the Covid 19 virus. The way we take time off has been changing over the years and this is the latest evolution of vacations. You could blame the pandemic or the market recession for this trend. The situation and budget held people back and is a reason why people started to discover their immediate surroundings.

But why are staycations so popular?

  1. Risk of contracting the virus – Since the outbreak of the coronavirus, people have been refraining from travelling by public transport which includes trains and flights. These are the places with high risk. Most trips have been by their private vehicle. Road trips mean that most of the holiday location would be closer to home.
  2. Decreasing vacation time – Over the years, the vacation time has shrunk. People have become busier than ever. Their travel habits have also evolved. There has been an increase in the demand for weekend getaways as people don’t have the time to travel very far. No wonder, staycation is gaining popularity.
  3. Quick and convenient – A small trip can be planned immediately and is very convenient for people who are looking for a quick break from their everyday schedule. One can easily plan a trip using a hotel booking app.
  4. Affordable – For some people, international trips or even a luxury trip within the country can seem out of reach. People now like to take multiple small vacations rather than saving up for one expensive trip.
  5. Discover local places – We’ve been fantasizing expensive international trips so much that we’ve forgotten that we are surrounded by beautiful undiscovered places as well. This gives us an opportunity to look around us and explore places as a local. It is also a great way to promote the local economy.

There are many staycation tour packages available in the market. These also include your accommodation, food, activities, sightseeing etc. Many of them also offer curated packages for different people according to their needs. The world is shifting towards the new normal. Staycations are the perfect option for people trying to maintain the balance between budget, safety, flexibility and the pandemic while also relaxing and having fun.