Travel Essentials in a Post-COVID-19 World

Everyone is itching for the world to open up again. Traveling is at the top of the must-do list for those who have been under a lockdown or on quarantine for the past few months. Everybody wants to see the world. There is no telling whether a new wave of a new virus will sprout up again any time soon. A pandemic was predicted to come out of nowhere years ago by scientists and experts around the world. It didn’t come as a surprise at all to any of them.

In an interview on the Ellen DeGeneres show, Bill Gates predicted the occurrence of a pandemic within our lifetime. He told everyone that since people are so relentless in our use of the natural world, it is bound to fight back. If we were to study history, a pandemic was bound to happen. Unfortunately, it came at such an unfortunate time. So it’s better to plan while we still have a chance to do so.

We are at an age where traveling around the world will not cost an arm and a leg anymore. Tourism, pre-pandemic, has become a legitimate source of income for many people and nations around the world. By itself, tourism contributes 2.9 trillion U.S. dollars annually to countries worldwide. It should be noted that because of tourism, the end goal of capitalism — globalism, was not hard to attain.

Attractive countries get the lion’s share of tourism income due to their natural resources. Even countries that do not have any attractions come up with wild and unique ideas to make their country viable for tourism. Sand dunes, skydiving, and sports car racing are just a few of the supposed attractions people can go for, even in crowded cities around the world. 

Now that the world is slowly getting its grasp on the virus, the possibility of traveling again is wide open. What are the essentials you must have in a world post-pandemic?

Satellite Radio

If you are planning on going on an extreme travel adventure, satellite radio is a must-have. Satellite radios are a powerful and flexible communications tool you must have when traveling in an unconventional travel spot. Cellphone reception might not be possible everywhere.

Having an MSAT G2 to bring with you to the mountainous regions or wild grasslands will guarantee that you will always have the means to talk and communicate in the event of an emergency. Satellite radios are vital, especially when traveling alone. Consider getting one before hopping on that adventure.

Travel Bottle

All tourists and travelers need their own travel bottles. 60 percent of the human body is made out of water. Without drinking any liquid for three days, a person will perish. A travel bottle is a container that can store any liquid and protect it from the elements.

Clean drinking water will not always be possible to be had. There is a possibility that you can go the whole day without being able to purchase clean drinking water for yourself. Having a travel bottle ready with enough water to replenish the bodily fluids you will be expending during your journey is vital in any travel.

Universal Adapter

Your country of origin might not have the same electric sockets as your intended destination’s electric outlets. A single universal adapter would be a godsend in your travels. A universal travel adapter allows your chargers to retrieve power from any electric outlet. Universal adapters are a must-have when it comes to traveling to another country. Not all countries comply with the same outlets. Do not expect them to adjust to your needs!

Basic Crackers

Even just a basic cracker is an essential item to have during your travels as an emergency and backup food. Crackers are a cheap and good source of calories. They can be stored anywhere and can be eaten almost anytime. They are very lightweight and barely take up any space. Crackers are cheap and can be bought anywhere. Having crackers in your backpack can be handy if you are unsure when you will get your next meal. A few bites off your cracker can save you a few hours of hunger.

Foldable Umbrella

A foldable umbrella is an indispensable must-have when going out in an unknown area. Weather will not always be predictable in many parts of the globe. The weatherman might not always be accurate. A foldable umbrella will be handy to shield you from the elements. Whether the sun is scorching or the rain is non-stop, an umbrella can spell the difference between a good or a bad day.

With these essentials, traveling won’t be that challenging to endeavor. After being isolated at home for a while, you can look forward to some time outdoors.