Transfer and taxi: reasons for the popularity

The growing popularity and availability of air transport mean that airport transfers are becoming increasingly popular in Greece. What are the advantages and disadvantages of choosing a taxi Thessaloniki airport service?

Pros of ordering a transfer

Before the transfer appeared, the passengers of the liners were forced to spend quite a long time getting to the airport or back. For this purpose, taxis were used, some went on their own transport, leaving it at paid parking lots. However, such methods carry the risk of missing the flight. Today, transfers have appeared, the advantages of which are the following points:

  • Punctuality. Transport is delivered to the airport, residence, or hotel at a clearly specified time. Even if you made an order at the very last moment.
  • Individual approach to clients.
  • Convenience of vehicles.
  • Significant quality of service.
  • Reasonable prices. The cost of a transfer is, as a rule, much less than the services of taxi drivers, especially those who are hired near the airport. 
  • Waiting for passengers. While a person will receive luggage and draw up all the necessary documents, the car is waiting for him. 

Such a service is preferable compared to an independent trip to the airport and back. This is a very convenient opportunity to start or end your trip.

Transfer to the airport through the eyes of a traveler

If you choose to rent a car Thessaloniki airport, you will pay less than in the case of a taxi. This is very important if you are flying from a remote airport and need the fastest public transport to get you to the port area. The interior of the minibus with air conditioning, Wi-Fi, and comfortable folding chairs create excellent conditions for relaxation. Instead of starting your journey by nervously driving your own car and looking for a parking spot, you can sit back and relax by using transfer.