Top Tips for Upgrading Your Camping Experience

It’s understandable if you prefer a hotel room with a nice cosy bed when travelling, but camping can provide a type of escape and connection with nature that just isn’t possible in traditional accommodations. Camping in the great outdoors can be both a challenging and reinvigorating experience all rolled into one. But sometimes, you might need a little encouragement to get out and amongst it.

Whether you’re about to go on your first camping trip or you’re an experienced camper who is looking at ways to enhance their next trip, this article will detail some upgrades that can help make your next camping trip the best yet, including investing in off road campers.

Improve Your Sleep

As much as you would like to get everything on your packed travel itinerary done and dusted, it’s likely you’ll end up dragging yourself through the day’s activities if you’re not getting enough sleep. An often overlooked but critical tip to enhancing your camping experience is upgrading the tools and accessories you use when trying to get some shut-eye. 

Although being in the elements can be a place of serenity, if you’re not implementing ways to control temperature and comfort, being in the outdoors can wreak havoc on your sleep. An easy way to control your sleep temperature regardless of the tent you’re camping in is to upgrade your old sleeping bag to a higher quality waterproof one. Likewise, trading sleeping on your bunched up hoodie for a camping air pillow will ensure you can sleep soundly anywhere. 

Consider Getting an Off Road Camper

While not the most frugal upgrade you can make to your camping experience, it’s suggested for good reason. Off road campers are not only a reliable way to get around, but boast many features that elevate camping to a whole new level. These campers have a distinctive feature set, design and engineering when compared to their on road counterparts. 

Off road campers are built to be stronger than on road campers, with extra undercarriage protection as well as a heavier suspension for shock absorption. An off road camper also gives travellers more options for how and where they travel, often able to access trails and areas that simply aren’t accessible by a camper or car that isn’t equipped for off roading. If you’ve had a bad experience with camping before but want to try again, or if you simply want a different camping experience altogether, then off road campers may be the upgrade you’re looking for. 

Make Great Coffee Anywhere

There’s really no better way to start the morning than a fresh cup of hot coffee. While you might think you have to resort to sub-par instant coffee while camping, there are actually products available that will allow you to brew a great cup of coffee anywhere.

The favourite amongst campers is the aeropress coffee maker. These coffee brewers are specifically engineered for travelling and camping and can brew up to 3 cups of coffee per press. They’re also affordable and compact, making them the perfect accessory for the caffeine obsessed camper.