Top 10 Dive Spots in Maldives

Comprised of nearly 1,200 islands and 26 coral atolls, the Maldivian archipelago resembles a bunch of scattered emeralds when viewed from the sky. Renowned for being one of the world’s most popular tropical vacation hubs, Maldivian adventures are the stuff of dreams. Due to its warm climate, the tourist season here is between the winter months of November and April, with January to March recording the maximum footfall.

Underwater adventure is a major part of the Maldivian escapade and can be enjoyed throughout the year. However, the best time to go deep sea diving is between the months of December and May when the sky is clear and the water warm. If you are planning to spend your honeymoon in Maldives and do not mind taking the more adventurous route, we recommend opting for a Maldives honeymoon package that includes deep sea diving. With that being said, here is a list of the top 10 diving spots that the country has to offer.

  1. Sun Island, South Ari Atoll – Perhaps the best place in this part of the Indian Ocean to swim with whale sharks, Sun Island’s topography is ideal for spotting the behemoths. Sun Island is suitable for amateur diving, as no prior scuba diving experience is required to explore the shallow reef.
  2. Maaya Thila, South Ari Atoll – Regarded as one of the best diving sites in Maldives, Maaya Thila is the favorite haunt of white reef sharks. Although the place is open for diving during the day, the real beauty can only be captured after sunset as the feeding frenzy begins!
  3. Five Rocks, South Ari Atoll – Originally a part of a single pinnacle divided into five parts over a few centuries, Five Rocks is popular with tourists as it supports a thriving reef ecosystem ideal for spotting different varieties of reef fish.
  4. Broken Rock, South Ari Atoll – Located at the mouth of Dhigurashu Kandu, Broken Rock is a distinct dive spot in Maldives especially due to the magnificent underwater sight. Similar to Five Rocks, a single pinnacle split into two parts here with an abundance of soft coral and sea fans lining the walls and the ocean bed.
  5. Fish Head, North Ari Atoll – Also known as Shark Point or Mushimasmingili Thila, Fish Head is undoubtedly one of the best shark diving spots in Maldives. The small pinnacle reaches depths of up to 120 feet and is home to quite a few overhangs and underwater caves. Up to 16 grey reef sharks can be spotted here at any time of the day. Diving here requires experience.
  6. Kandooma Thila, South Male Atoll – Measuring approximately 1,000 feet in length, this teardrop-shaped island is too large to circumnavigate on a single dive. Divers ideally focus on the north and west edges, which is home to the famous Jack’s Corner, an underwater cave system that supports a thriving marine ecosystem.
  7. Kuredu Express, Lhaviyani Atoll – Perhaps the most popular dive spot on the LHaviyani Atoll, Kuredu Express is named after the heavy currents flowing through the sandy channel underneath the surface of the ocean. The water here is famous for spotting grey reef sharks, tuna, barracuda, stingrays, and eagle rays.
  8. Banana Reef, North Male Atoll – The original dive site that put Maldives on the map of global dive sites, Banana Reef boasts of a colorful marine ecosystem complete with a wide variety of coral species. Now protected by a marine area, some of the common fishes here include jackfish, Napoleon wrasse, groupers, and a few shark species.
  9. Miyaru Kandu, Felidhoo Atoll – The best site for spotting the elusive hammerhead sharks, Miyaru means shark in the local dialect. The winter season is ideal for shark spotting here as they come out to feed on smaller fishes.
  10. Alimathy Jetty, Vaavu Atoll – Similar to Maya Thila, Alimathy Jetty is the ideal spot for night diving. The local marine life consists of stingrays, nurse sharks, and giant trevally. The light from the jetty set up the perfect environment for underwater photography after dark.