Tips to Enjoy a Vacation in Nantucket

Nantucket is a tiny island, but has seasonal vacationers. It lies 30 miles away from the Cape Cod coast and is surrounded by the Atlantic. It is a perfect summer vacation destination. If you are interested in getting away from the hectic city life, visit Nantucket. Besides, enjoying the calm and serene climate, there are many activities or things to do and see.

Tips to vacation in Nantucket

  • You need a ferry or a plane to reach Nantucket. Choose a passenger ferry and enjoy the ride across the ocean with the cool breeze blowing and spectacular natural surroundings. 
  • Nantucket was a whaling capital for decades. Visit the whaling museum at 13 Broad Street, to learn about the whale tradition in detail.  
  • The 1746 Brant Point Lighthouse is another oldest active lighthouse. It is designed from wood and is 26 feet tall. The lighthouse is still used as navigational help in the harbor by the US Coastal Guards. 
  • For adventurous tourists, the island offers hiking, biking, and walking along with water sports like fishing, surfing, and kayaking. Golfing is also a popular sport on the island.
  • Never miss the Bay Scallops grilled or wrapped in bacon. Restaurants also offer seafood, burgers, and chowder. There is a fine dining establishment to check out. 
  • The Cobbled Main Street built in 1837 extends from Straight Wharf to Pacific National Bank. Here you can shop for a Nantucket T shirt or sweatshirt with nautical themes for your loved ones. 
  • The April Daffodil Festival is celebrated with a weekend of floral arrangement competition, antique car parades, and quirky costumes. 
  • Stroll is another winter event, where many tourists come to witness Santa Parade, browse downtown shops, marvel at the decorated holiday trees, and enjoy hot cocoa. 
  • The Rainbow Fleet has Catboats adorned with colorful sails. It is an annual Nantucket Race week. 

Nantucket’s visit is affordable, so make a plan to go soon!