Tips For Getting Around Amsterdam Through Trams

Amsterdam has different means of public transportation that you can use to navigate within the town and its environs. They include the Amsterdam metro, buses, trains, trams, bicycles, motorbikes, cars, and ferries. To travel efficiently around the city via trams, you need to have some tips. This article explains how you can navigate your way through the city through trams.

Why You Need To Use Amsterdam Trams

Trams are a unique and one of the preferred ways of travelling around Amsterdam. Their signature blue and white color and ringing bells that alert the cyclists and pedestrians about their coming is the pride of the Dutch. You can use the tram to move from the central station to neighborhoods around it and the city center.

Trams operate from the Central Station. There are two stations that are close to each other in the Central Station, one on the western side, and the other on the eastern side. Once the tram leaves the central station, it moves to the city center before getting into neighborhoods and districts.

You must purchase a public transport chip card or ticket to ride in a tram. These tickets can be used for one, twenty-four, of forty eight hours. If you have the ‘I am Amsterdam city card,’ you’ll gain entry into the city’s top attractions and travel for free as long as you’re in town.

How To Use Trams

  1. Get A Map Of The Tram System

Having a map of the tram system will help you know the tram lines that go to various destinations. The numbers on the map show the tram lines while the dots indicate the stations. Once you identify you tram route, visit the nearest station to catch the tram.

  1. Select A Tram To Board

Choosing the right tram to get into can be challenging because of the many lines that pass within the station. To get into the right tram, you need to know where a tram line ends. For example, if you’re at Rijksmuseum and intend to travel to the Dam Square, find the line that connects the two.

  1. Purchase Tickets

You can get tram tickets from the conductor, station or tourist offices. Ensure that you know the ticket prices and follow the right procedure of getting them. Once you buy your ticket, don’t forget to validate it by swiping it the door as you enter the tram.

  1. Let The Conductor Know You’re Alighting

Before you reach your stop, ensure you let the conductor know that you’re getting off at the nest stop. You can do this by pressing the red buttons located on the hand bars. You also need to know that trams only stop in stations when people want to get in and out. As you exit the tram, remember to swipe the ticket at the door because every ticket must be recorded during the entrance and exit or become invalid.

Bottom Line

Using the tram is one of the ways that you can navigate around Amsterdam. However, if you don’t know what to do and how to get to the station, your trip may become difficult. These simple tips can help you to easily find your way around Amsterdam and board the correct tram.

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