Things to Do in the UK Whilst on a Campervan Holiday

Domestic holidays, wherein tourists choose to stay in their home country instead of going to more exotic locations abroad, are increasing in popularity as holiday-makers discover that the United Kingdom (UK) has as much to offer travellers as overseas locations. Tourists, in need of affordable accommodation and an efficient mode of transport, should consider hiring a campervan from a reputable company and travel Britain in comfortable surroundings. Campervan hire enables holiday-makers, freed of the constraints of train or bus schedules, to travel where they please while providing a roof over their heads and a place to store their belongings.

Camp by the beach

Britain, being an island, has over 7,000 miles of coastline and the seaside holiday has been a popular activity for UK travellers since the Victorian era. Coastal resorts, such as Brighton in Sussex or Newquay in Cornwall, have many hotels and guesthouses to accommodate tourists but visiting these establishments can prove expensive. Those who wish to stay at a seaside resort for more than a day should find a campervan at an affordable price and rent a pitch at a camping site, such as the Sea Palling in Norfolk or Leigh-on-Sea in Essex, that accommodates recreational vehicles.

Snowdonia National Park

Snowdonia National Park, situated in North Wales, is one of Britain’s most popular tourist locations and there are a number of camp sites in the area that accommodate campervans. Driving through this natural beauty hotpot, one of three national parks in Wales, is an excellent way to admire the scenery and staying at a campervan site provides a cheaper alternative to staying in bed-and-breakfasts and other paid lodgings. Parking one’s vehicle at a campervan site enables holiday-makers, eager to breathe in the mountain air and admire their surroundings, to explore the local villages and countryside by foot or on bicycle in the knowledge that their vehicle and belongings are safe.

Visit the Scottish Highlands.

The Scottish Highlands, a regular haunt of hikers and sightseers, are a paradise for those who wish to camp among wild surroundings. Campervan holidays in the Highlands are an excellent way to explore the region’s lofty peaks, expansive valleys and ancient lakes while tourists may either park their campervans at designated sites that possess amenities such as running water or choose to camp off-grid.

Wild camping


Wild, or off-grid, camping is excellent for those who wish to commune with nature and avoid paying fees for a spot at a designated site. It is worth remembering, however, that it necessary to gain permission from the landowner before embarking on a wild camping adventure. Scotland, unlike England in which it is only legal to camp off-grid on Dartmoor in Devon, is more tolerant of wild camping and has a variety of locations where off-grid campers can park their vehicles. Those in the possession of a campervan will need to stock up on water, fuel, food and medical supplies as well as find a location that is accessible by road.