The ultimate Bangkok travel guide for the first-timers

Bangkok is one of the cities that form a gateway to South-East Asia. It is a beautiful destination likedby many and sought after by most people in the world as a travel destination; they want to visit just for the thrill of it. It can be hectic and confusing; it can also be beautiful with a number of temples, markets, and shopping malls. This food paradise, shopping haven, and the perfect tourism getaway are some of the reasons Bangkok can prove overwhelming to people from time to time.

So, if this is your first time to Bangkok and you are still trying to figure out Delhi to Bangkok flight time, we are here to help.


Two airports form the entrance at Bangkok, the Bangkok International Airport (BKK) and the Don Mueang International Airport. The former is located 30 km to the east and the later 23 km north. Both airports are linked by buses and cabs, while the BKK is also connected by the airport link train. So when you are checking your New Delhi to Bangkok flight time or fare, keep this additional information handy.

One important travel tip would be to land in Bangkok and get a SIM card immediately. Companies have their booths set up right at the airport.

Around Bangkok

Transportation in Bangkok is again via cabs. But if you want a different feel, you can try the BTS sky train that runs in Bangkok. The Metro or MRT is again cheap and easy to use. There are also ferries plying across the river.

Best time to Visit Bangkok

The best time to book your flight fromNew Delhi to Bangkok would be November to March. May to October the place experiences very hot weather.

Visa Process

57 Countries around the world have the privilege of entering Bangkok without a visa. But they are required to have a post 30 days confirmed return ticket and 10000 THB with them during their stay. For other,it’s just a meagre $30 fee for visa processing.

What to Eat

Thai food can be a problem for anyone who is travelling to Bangkokfor the first time. Eating street food happens to be one of the experiences that complete the tour plan for any country. Street food in Bangkok includes famous delicacies such as the braised pork noodle soup, chicken satay, fried rice, pad thai, tom yum soup, som tam and more. Just try and stick to shops where you find more locals around.

Keeping yourself Safe

Bangkok is mostly a safe country. All you need to watch out for are things such as “that place is closed, can I take you somewhere else?” “You need new pants” or “Super cheap tuktuk ride”.

Bangkok is a beautiful country and has so much to offer. So stop Googling ‘New Delhi to Bangkok flight time’, ‘Delhi to Bangkok flight fare and go on with your tour plan. Happy Journey!