The Best Museums to Check Out in Toronto    

Museums are an integral part of society, as they preserve its history and serve as an educational spot for people of all ages and from all walks of life.

Toronto is an area riddled with culture, a big part of which is its many museums. Next time you’re checking out homes for sale in Toronto, stop at one of these places to learn more about the world around you.

Hockey Hall of Fame

Hockey is to Canada what baseball is to the United States, a foundational sport for the country. The Hockey Hall of Fame honors the achievements of the legends of the sports, from coaches to entire teams.

The Hall of Fame houses the world’s largest collection of hockey treasures, from photos to artifacts.

Take the Silverware Trophy Tour that highlights the history of hockey trophies over the years.

Watch historic interviews and induction speeches in the audio/visual vault or look at over 3 million photographs that capture the sport in all its glory.

Royal Ontario Museum

The Royal Ontario is one of the continent’s most renowned cultural institutions, a collection of nature, culture, and art from around the world.

There are over 13 million pieces in the collection houses between 40 gallery and exhibition spaces.

The building is unique, a combination of contemporary architectural design and heritage architecture.

Bata Shoe Museum

Followers of footwear rejoice – there’s an entire building dedicated to what you love, and it’s not a shoe store.

The Bata Shoe Museum is the world’s largest, most comprehensive collection of shoes and footwear-related objects. There are thousands of artifacts on display over four galleries.

All About Shoes is the museum’s permanent exhibition that spans 4,500 years of footwear.

You’ll see everything from Egyptian sandals to the latest in sneaker styles.

Black Creek Pioneer Village

This living history museum takes visitors through an authentically recreated 1860s village. There are 40 historic buildings, 10 gardens, and 70 heritage breed animals on the grounds.

Witness crafts common to the era, hear music from that time period, and chat with folks decked out in that decade’s garb to learn more about how they lived back then.

Ontario Science Center

There are more than 500 interactive exhibits here to satiate the curious-minded, and they aren’t just for kids.

Ontario Science Center has a real-life rain forest, science arcade, IMAX Dome Theatre, and so much more.

Check out live demonstrations where questions are encouraged or walk through the Cohon Family Nature Escape to experience live moss graffiti.

Fort York National Historic Site

Another glimpse into the past, Fort York has Canada’s largest collection of original War of 1812 buildings on its 43-acre site.

Relive moments of the War of 1812 through reenactments. Listen to the stories of heroes and walk through exhibits dedicated to military records, memoirs, and accounts.

Textile Museum of Canada

This unique space explores ideas and cultural understanding through the media of textiles.

The permanent collection looks at a 2,000-year span and has more than 15,000 artifacts in it.

You’ll see hooked rugs with traditional Sioux designs, Nazca fragments from Peru, and festival hats from East Asia.