The Best Destinations to Tour This Summer

Planning a vacation this summer is exhilarating. However, the options are nearly endless. This makes it imperative to list down the best destinations you can visit.

Some summer destinations are also seasonal and normally attract tourists in August, July, and June. But others are open for tourists throughout. So without further ado, the following are the best destinations you can tour this summer:


Get down in the city of London for your next vacation this summer. Spend your nights in one of the best London hotels, tour the grounds of Buckingham Palace, sip cocktails at the city’s rooftop bars, and have a picnic in Hyde Park.

The temperatures can be historically sitting in the 70s during summer, but if you can contend with the heat, you will be guaranteed to have a great trip.


Italy remains that one precious European jewel, which has everything, ranging from the Adriatic to the Tyrrhenian. In addition to the recognized historical and cultural wealth, the summer sun in Italy is great. Don’t forget to enjoy cities, such as Venice, which may immediately change how you live your summer holidays.


This vibrant destination is popularly known for its rich culture, fashion, and cuisine. The city is characterized by various monuments and all sorts of architectural styles, with the most popular being the Eiffel Tower and the Arc de Triomphe.

The museums in Paris, like Louvre Museum, make this city perfect for every art lover. Plus, summertime is suitable for tourists to explore various terraces and cafes and try famous pastries in the city.

Gardens in the city should be visited too. While in the city, remember to leave some time so you can go to the Luxembourg Garden. The garden is known for its beautiful tree-lined promenades, sculptures, and fountains.

KohSamui in Thailand

Currently, Thailand is hot through the summer months. However, several islands in Thailand are still incredible to have a great summer vacation.

Islands such as KohSamui are ripe with pristine sea waters, party beaches, and a lot of adventures, including kayaking, swimming, snorkeling, and scuba diving.

While on this island, you may go for a massage in spas, enjoy tropical fruits, such as pineapples and mangoes endlessly, and eat tasty seafood from the shacks.

Cape Town in South Africa

Cape Town is a popular city in South Africa where natural beauty meets urban landscapes. Go to the summit of Table Mountain on a summer’s clear day so as to experience sweeping vistas in this seaside gem.

From the Table Mountain, you may observe this city’s rugged coastline and bustling center, where shoppers and traders haggle for prices at Greenmarket Square and St George’s Mall.

The white sands in Camps Bay are a perfect tonic to explore this energetic place. Ensure you consider trying out the turf and surf dishes in restaurants overlooking the bay.

Final Remarks!

Visiting different destinations of the world during summer is a grand procession. As an outdoor enthusiast, you can rave about memorable wild spots and magnificent natural scenery in Paris, London, Cape Town, or Thailand.