Some of the finest places in the world to relish pizza

Pizzeria Gino Sorbillo- Naples

What better place to have pizza than to the birthsite of pizza? We all know that Naples is where pizza originated and while it can be quite the task to go hunting for the best pizza place in all of Naples, this restaurant easily stands out as the best. The restaurant’s credentials speak for itself, having won many awards through the course of time.

Lilla Napoli- Sweden

This is a beautiful, quiet place with a terrace view. The speciality about the place is that are delightfully fussy about the quality of their pizzas, making certain that the standard never drops.

Pizzeria Mozza, Los Angeles

This place creates a beautiful bend of both Italian and Californian ingredients, giving rise to the most splendid pizzas with a burst of flavour, sweet, sour, salty and crisp. It attracts many tourists and visitors.

Figidine- Rhode Island, USA

This place is famous for their time-honoured Italian pizzas. The chefs are experienced and their main dish is the Neapolitian pizza. They have an open kitchen with wooden oven so customers can watch the cooks doing what they do best.

La Gatta Mangiona, Rome

This place is celebrated for its experimental pizzas. The chef is a pizza enthusiast and in his field of culinary research has tried a variety of dough and seasoning. They also have traditional pizzas cooked in wooden ovens.

Motorino- Honk Kong

This pizza place is known for its super thin crusts and connoisseur toppings. They have a peculiar additional topping on their pizzas, brussel sprouts!

Double Pizza, Montreal

This place in Canada is known for using quality ingredients. You can also order a customized pizza to your liking! Customers can avail special discounts with double pizza special offers.

Luigi’s Italian Pizzeria

If you are in Mauritius and craving for a traditional Italian Pizza then this is the place to go! They are owned by an Italian family that serve some of the best pizzas in all country.

Burrata Restaurant in Cape town, South Africa

A catchy and captivating feature of this restaurant is that the oven was built by an Italian family in Naples. The oven is said to reach much higher temperatures than the ordinary oven, resulting in a fine cooked pizza!

Pizzium Via Procaccini, Milan, Italy

This restaurant has the highest number of awards in all of Milan, making it to the top of the list.