Snir Hananya’s 5 Important Tips before You Visit Canada

Going to Canada seems like a great idea and it definitely is. You are going to an amazing economy with a strong currency and a variety of cultures in one place. While the US gets all the attention from the tourists from around the world, Canada is not behind by any means. It is one of the developed nations where you will have to follow rules or else you can get in legal trouble. What is it that you need to know before you visit this amazing country? Here are some important tips from Snir Hananya. 

  • Prepare for a Chilly Weather  

There are only a few places in the country that you can call mild during winter, but in most cases, Canada is quite cold. If you are visiting anywhere around the winter season, you have to be prepared for some really chilly weather. If you live in a country with mild weather, the clothes that you wear every day won’t cut it. You will have to have a lot of layers on you before you go out for a walk. Most importantly, be very careful about cold if you are going outside at night time. Snir Hananya says you must bring something to bring your head and ears in addition to the rest of your body. 

  • Driving Isn’t Easy

If you wish to go somewhere and drive yourself, you have to know the rules properly. The first thing to keep in mind is that you will be driving on the right hand side of the road. If you are coming from a country with left hand side driving rules, you will have to make some adjustments. Furthermore, you can’t smoke in the car if you have a minor with you. Also, you need to keep your phone away while driving. When it’s the winter season, you don’t want to drive unless you have all the emergency equipment as well as a car that’s equipped to drive in winters. 

  • Smile More

Call it stereotypes but most tourists feel that the people in Canada are more welcoming and smiling than the people in the US. They are nice and very courteous to you. So, you can expect them to smile a lot when they are talking to you or you are talking to them. This also means that you will have to keep a smile on your face when you are interacting with people generally. Anything obscene or disruptive is very much disliked by the public so you want to avoid being weird in the public. It is best that you know about the things that are considered offensive in the country before you visit. 

  • Tip but Expect Taxes

Tip the restaurant waiters and staff whenever you can. There is no hard and fast rule, but if the tip is 15% of what you have spent on eating, you have done a great job. Now, whenever you eat at restaurants or go grocery shopping, you have to keep taxes in mind. Firstly, you will have to prepare for sales taxes from the federal government. In addition to that, you might also see some more taxes on your receipts from the local/provincial government. 

  • Create a Thrifty List of Places to Visit

If you are going to Canada for vacations, you have to be very picky with your list of places to visit. That’s because Canada is huge and you can’t visit all the great places in this country even if you are there for a year. So, when you are visiting for a few weeks, make sure you visit only the best places. Don’t be afraid of skipping places that you are indifferent about. 

Final Thoughts

Snir Hananya says that visiting the second largest country in the world is a special opportunity that not all people. When you get this opportunity, you have to make the most of it. So, go ahead and prepare a list of the places you will visit in Canada right now.