Smart Attire and More for Bromont Skiing

For the trousers, the same advice as for the windbreaker jacket, no ski pants, too thick that in addition to sweat your child will hinder him to walk. For several years, winter hiking pants have been used which are perfect for children. When it comes to randonnée d’hiver then you need to know that in Bromont you will have the best skiing places and there you can have the best coming with a wide array of activities. This is the best that you can have now.

See below:

Trousers for stretch hiking, water repellent and windproof

The kids even tested these pants in Iceland and Scotland. When it was cold enough, you added a pantyhose.

And it’s not over. The perfect snowshoe hiker must be completed with waterproof gloves and a hat to protect the extremities of the body. Very, very important: sunglasses with a maximum degree of protection. The reverberation of the sun on the snow is very harmful for the still fragile eyes of the children. To know how to choose them and which model, destination this article: baby sunglasses

And since we’re on the topic of protection, think about sunscreen if you do not want to end up with red tomato skin.

Finally, other advice, you have already spoken, do not wait to sweat to remove the layers. You will feel like swimming in a fully dressed pool. Above all, as you said before, as soon as you stop, you will get cold.

Last tip for clothes: plan for the end of your family snowshoe hike, spare business, T-shirt and socks.

Should you have leggings?

If you care, why not. We, you do without it. your pants have built-in gaiters. The bottom of the children’s pants are wide enough to fit over their shoes and protect them. If your child’s pants are not enough, you can put snow stoppers, mini-gaiters that go up lower than gaiters.

What to put in the backpack?

No hiking racket without backpack. Here are a few lists of essentials to slip in and check every hike that everything is in it:

A survival blanket

The pharmacy with, among others, dressings type compeed in case of ampoules, disinfectant, bandages.

  • Headlamp
  • Replacement laces
  • A whistle
  • A cell phone loaded to the block
  • In racket hiking, you eat and drink.

The snowshoe hike involves a big expenditure of energy. So, you have good nutritious supplies. Cereal bars, why not check before going on a snowshoe hike that your kids love and which exactly. In principle, bars with chocolate chips appeal to them.

  • Why not almond pasta too

And you drink very regularly even if you are not thirsty to avoid dehydration. you do not realize it but you lose a lot of water hiking racket. And the problem is that the cold reduces the feeling of thirst and you forget to drink regularly.

Plan a substantial picnic if you go on a day trip. you also add a thermos with light tea in which you put a big spoon of honey. Kids love and you kill two birds with one stone: they drink an energy drink.

Learn about the weather before going on a hike

Do you want to find yourself in the fog or in a snowstorm? No? So before leaving, take a look at the weather to check that the sky is not going to fall on your head.