Should You Consider an Open for your Wedding Reception?

A wedding reception is an event focused on the marriage of two people. But, it is also imperative to maintain a lively party atmosphere that allows guests to socialise and enjoy the occasion themselves. Wedding guests expect good food, drinks, and music. That is why the hosts may want to set up an open bar at their reception venue.

Why Set Up an Open Bar?

An open bar will thrill guests as they take advantage of free access to drinks. A lot of couples may worry about the cost associated with an open bar. However, every special occasion package at the Riverside resto and bar provides a different level of bar service. You can choose to upgrade to a more premium bar experience for a small person fee. Aside from keeping the costs manageable, this also offers great selections for your guests. 

The main benefit of an open bar is freedom for your guests. They can order drinks every time they want. The bar’s bartender can mix custom drinks and even supply virgin drinks to those who don’t want any alcohol. With an open bar, you don’t need to pick out the signature drinks that will be served, making things easier for you as a host and allowing for more selection when ordering drinks. Also, you get the flexibility to design your own beverage packages. Whether you want to offer domestic or imported brands, Riverside can set that up for you. 

How an Open Bar Works

With an open bar, the host pays for the bar and guests can freely drink whatever they would like the entire time in any amount. This type of set up has two terms of payment. The host can buy bar service in advance on a per-person basis or they can pay for whatever is consumed.  With the second option, the total beverage bill for consumption remains unknown until after the event and beverage inventory is taken. But, on-consumption bars have to meet minimum sales and if they fail to meet the minimum, the host will pay the difference. 

Non-Alcoholic Bar Options

If you don’t want to offer your guests a full-bar, you can consider other bar options. The best bar ensures that your guests will have a unique open bar beverage experience and creates an extra element of fun for a more memorable wedding. With Riverside, there is always a personalized package that suits your requirements.