Rules for Foreign Tourists to Visit Bali 

Denpasar Labuan Bajo is a popular tourist destination for foreign tourists. Since the Covid-19 pandemic, several health protocols have been implemented. This regulation must be obeyed by all tourists who want to travel to Bali from China.

Even so, the regulations of health protocol have changed following the development of the pandemic. Now the regulations are loosened than before because the number of Covid cases has decreased. you dont have to worry what to do in Denpasar, because there’s plenty of activities you can do here.

Rules of Entry to Bali for Foreign Tourists

Tourism regulations made during the pandemic are applied for both domestic and foreign tourists. But there is a difference for foreign tourists. The rules for entering Bali for foreign tourists will be explained below.

1. Pre-Flight Rules

Before traveling to Bali, international tourists must fill in the International e-HAC, which can be accessed using the PeduliLindungi application. In addition, several documents must be prepared.

These documents prove that the vaccine has been administered in full doses, PCR test results within 2 x 24 hours, and other immigration documents. Tourists can board the plane if all requirements have been met.

2. Body Temperature Check

After landing at I Gusti Ngurah Rai International Airport, the temperature will be checked with a thermal scanner. Tourists with a body temperature of 38 degrees Celsius or more will be directed to the examination room.

Normal body temperature is generally between 36.1 and 37.2 degrees Celsius. The tourist certainly has a fever if it is more than this temperature. Only tourists with normal body temperature are allowed to continue the inspection process.

3. Double Check at the Checkpoint

At this stage, the airport officer will check and enter tourist data obtained from filling out the e-HAC. When finished, the officer will print the accessed QR code to ensure the document’s completeness. There are about 20 counters prepared for the checking process.

4. PCR Swab Test

When all administrative matters have been completed, the tourists will be directed to take a PCR swab test. This test must be repeated to ensure every tourist is negative for Covid-19.

If there are any tourists whose test results show positive for Covid-19, they will be taken to a hospital or quarantine hotel. While undergoing quarantine, tourists need money in rupiah currency to meet their daily needs.

5. Examination by Immigration Officers

The final stage before tourists are allowed to collect baggage is the follow-up inspection process by immigration officials. These checks are provided with 32 counters which can be entered sequentially. The inspection time is only 1 minute.

Most foreign tourists from various countries make Bali a holiday destination. The charm and stunning natural scenery of the beach are special attractions. But for a vacation to this island, some rules must be obeyed.