Online Travel Agencies or Direct Booking – Know the Right Option for You

Do you wish to go on a beach vacation and are not sure about which place to choose? Are you in a dilemma when it comes to finding the right vacation destination? If the answer to all these questions is yes, then the best place you can choose for vacation would be Destin, Florida. 

Here are some benefits of planning a vacation in Destin Florida. 

  • Stay in exclusive vacation rentals 
  • Enjoy a relaxing time sunbathing on the beach
  • Visit tons of restaurants 
  • You have so much more to do when in Destin, Florida like dolphin cruises, options in excursions, go fishing by booking a charter boat, and so on. 

You will find many benefits of staying in the vacation rentals when in Destin. It is the best and ideal choice if you are going on a vacation with your family members. The best way of booking a vacation rental is by checking the available Destin Florida vacation rentals, during your booking time of the year. 

Here are some of the benefits of staying at exclusive vacation rentals. 

  • Cook Your Food at Home 

You can enjoy home food even when on a vacation in Destin if you do not prefer outside food. 

  • Do your Laundry 

You can do your laundry and escape from doing a whole load of laundry back home after your return. 

  • Make some Memories

Capture many memories with your dear ones, even when outside home. 

  • Many Entertainment Options 

You can enjoy your time in the private pools, bike paths, restaurants to visit, etc. when staying in vacation rentals. 

  • Less Crowded Staying Facilities 

There will be a minimum number of people in the vacation rentals that like hotels. 

  • Required Privacy 

Enjoy exclusive time on the balconies in vacation rentals, because every rental facility will be provided with one. 

  • Safety 

Separate codes and a locking system will be installed in each vacation rental. 

  • Available Everywhere 

You can stay anywhere when in Destin. 

  • Technology 

Every condo will be provided with an exclusive Wi-Fi connection, refrigerator, TV, DVD players, and so on. 

  • Community 

You will have private access to the beach if you stay in the community of vacation rentals. Other private facilities include access to yummy restaurants as well. 

  • Enjoy Comforts like Home 

Staying in vacation rentals is just like staying at home, because of the availability of the same facilities. 

  • Variety 

Not all vacation rentals are the same. Each condo will be facilitated with a unique set of options. 

  • Cost-Effective

 Renting a condo is pocket-friendly and will come within your trip budget. 

  • Extra Space 

Space will be designed in such a way that it can accommodate as many visitors as possible. 

You can easily book one for you and your family’s vacation trip by looking for the available vacation rentals in Destin Florida. Go through the available options and book the best one for your family vacation in Destin, Florida. 

Booking A Vacation Rental 

The best way of booking a vacation rental in Destin Florida is by visiting It is the best resource blog to find perfect vacation rentals in Destin, Florida. The blog page will even help you with knowing everything about the available condo rentals and beach house rentals in any locality of your preference. 

The best part of visiting Destin Florida blog page is that you will find many options for all of your preferences. Be it a party space or a private space, no matter what your requirement is, the blog page will offer you complete detail about the right vacation rental to go with your requirement. Visit the webpage to know more. 

Destin Florida strongly recommends choosing the “Book Direct” movement. This is a process where the guests will directly contact the managers working for the available vacation rentals in Destin Florida and book the required number of condos. This will save the guests from spending an extra amount as the commission amount of the online travel agencies. 

Here are some of the benefits of booking a condo directly with the property owners or managers. 

  • Save Service Fees 

This will save you from spending an extra percentage of the amount as the fee collected by the booking websites. 

  • Escape from the Commission of the Middlemen 

Many vacation rental sites will charge you more than what you can afford in the trip budget. The direct booking option with the property manager will help you escape from the commission of the middlemen in the form of travel booking sites. 

  • Get all the Information before the Trip 

Most of the travel booking websites will not list all the must-visit places in any vacation destination. This is not the case with the direct booking option with the property managers, as they will explain everything that you need to know about the place. 

  • Upgrade in Booking 

While the travel booking sites list some hotel rooms in any vacation destination for your budget, the property owners can upgrade you to a holiday suite or a well-furnished condo to the same budget. 

Disadvantages of Booking with an Online Travel Agency (OTA)

Here are some of the drawbacks of booking accommodation with the help of an Online Travel Agency. 

  • Risk of Fraudulent Listings 

Not all online booking sites are genuine ones. They will be established in the world of OTAs in such a way that you cannot easily distinguish them from genuine sites. 

  • The cost will be More 

You will be paying at least 10% or more as the service fee when you take help from an OTA. 

  • No Hospitality Services 

You will not find the experiences or even the reviews that are left behind by the previous customers in any Vacation Rental Company (VRM) suggested by the OTA. 

  • No Added Customer Services 

Even though the OTAs promise the best service and even protection to every customer, you cannot stay assured about this fact. All the customer service calls will be directly transferred to the local management company, rather than the OTA executives answering your queries. 

The “Book Direct” movement was introduced by the managers and the owners of the available vacation rental services in Destin Florida to offer wonderful and genuine service for the customers. This has helped many guests save a great deal of money during their accommodation bookings in Destin Florida.