Look What Legal Marijuana Has Done for Colorado

Have you ever been to Colorado? Perhaps you haven’t but since the state has legalized marijuana for medicinal and recreational purposes, you are thinking about finally visiting this state. They already have a great amount of tourism but you add legal pot and tourism is going through the roof. 

Short stop

One example is the very small town of Trinidad Colorado. Their tourism was mostly from those travelers who were on their way from the Colorado-New Mexico border over to Denver and Boulder area. These people might have spent a night but mostly just made a rest stop. Others would spend a few days at bed and breakfast Trinidad CO but never really spent much time there. 

Things have changed

My how things have changed, the little town has many shops open that sell legalized marijuana so everyone after passing the Colorado-New Mexico border, ends up spending a lot of time in Trinidad. They are staying so long that 420 friendly hotels in Colorado have opened up for business in this area. And these are marijuana-friendly hotels and motels that don’t care if you smoke in your room. 

Family vacations

Families that stop in this small town do find plenty to do. There are:

  • Trails for hiking, and climbing in the foothills
  • The Downtown area with plenty to see
  • Places for taking day trips- such as Trinidad Lake

And for a family, there are some best deal on hotel Trinidad Colorado, so it becomes the least expensive place to vacation. 

Things to do

Trinidad does offer a growing number of areas for:

  • Shopping
  • Music
  • Nightlife
  • Annual events
  • Art and music community

Santa Fe Trail Days

One annual event is the Santa Fe Trail days and is an event that draws in a lot of people. There is: 

  • Live music
  • Beer gardens
  • Hamburger/hot dog feed
  • Craft vendors
  • Car show
  • Outside movies
  • Ice cream socials
  • Community talent show

This is an annual event that everyone in this area looks forward to each year. Those from out of town have so much fun, they plan vacations each year to be there for the annual event.