Lake Taupo’s Holiday Park: What’s Special About The Place?

Lake Taupo is the largest freshwater in Australasia. It is around the size of Singapore and the crater of one of the biggest volcanic eruptions on earth seen in the last 5000 years. Try skydiving on a clear day to see the whole holiday park in Lake Taupo.

Water edge camping

Lake Taupo is the largest lake in New Zealand and also the second-largest freshwater lake in geopolitical Oceania. What makes the lake a great space and view is the camping site of the place. It is a new experience to have this water-edge camping adventure, unlike the old style of camping.

Plus, if you have kids with you, while on a vacation, let them experience this unique camping adventure. It is time for a new experience! Let them feel the camping and swimming experience in one site. Kids love swimming because they want to have fun at all times.

Park in Lake Taupo

Are you looking for a popular holiday park in Lake Taupo? Then, you are looking for Motutere Bay. The park is located halfway between the Turangi and the townships of Taupo, making it the perfect base to discover and explore the region. Lake Taupo completes your winter adventure.

Perfect instant holiday

The Kiwi spot

If you look for an instant holiday, you should arrive at Lake Taupo. The Holiday resort will complete your holiday mode. Now is the right day to escape to Taupo for the summer experience. The tropical resort experience and poolside with a cocktail in hand.

Enjoy the summer now and have that tasty barbecue with your family or friends in the open green spaces in front of the lake. Watch the kids delight while exploring the resort and meet new friends.

The playground resort

You can dip and relax into the thermally heated lagoon pool where you and the kids can splash for hours. The water is warm, so there is no worry about cold weather. It is time to throw your apron and take a break from cooking, float, and swim up while ordering the best coffee and a delicious bite to eat while on vacation.

The giant poolside screen lets everyone enjoy catching a movie while swimming. The luxury thermal heated water makes everyone feel relaxed. So, if you are unsure of where your next trip is, book a stay at the resort where you can consider it as your playground. Everyone is welcome, even those who have pets.

Don’t let your fur babies be left by a pet sitter, while you are on a few days’ trips. Why not let them experience the adventure with you or with the family? The holiday park is dog-friendly, which means you can bring your pets to the resort. Book for your next trip to Lake Taupo.