How to Travel in Barcelona on a Budget?

The Catalonian tours are presumably one of the most affordable tours as compared to the rest of Europe. From the never-ending series of architecture to the highly recommended Mediterranean cuisine, from clean and affordable stays to almost free entry to spots, Barcelona is one such place that has your wallets covered.

The Best Time

Owing to holidays getting extended to the Three Kings Day on the 6th of January, the best time to visit here is the tenure between mid-January to February. From airfares to accommodations, everything will be under your control. The same amount of deals can also be expected around the Late-October to December phase.

Reaching Barcelona

It will be a deal to crack for you if you opt for round trips from your country to Barcelona and vice versa. One-way tickets with connecting flights can take a huge toll on your budget. The best option here is always the budget airlines.

Getting Around

Taking around cabs in and around the city can be pretty pensive for the pockets. Here are the alternatives:

  • From the Airport

The tour around the city center from the airport will be within the budget if you take a train from Barcelona’s old terminal. The ticket here is much cheaper than that of Aerobus, metro, or a taxi.

  • Others

Once you have been able to reach the center of the city, the rest is pretty accessible through walks. Mostly every destination can be reached through walks. The rest, for a few, can be reached with public transport’s help.

Free Things Here

The Gaudi or the museum visits will be cheaper if you opt for booking tickets online, before-hand. This will also ensure that the tickets won’t get sold, saving you time and energy.

Eats and Drinks

The La Boqueria market or the Tapas stores will provide you meals for as low as €6. The best time to eat is with the locals when prices go down and avoiding fancy restaurants will look after your wallet a lot.


The budget private rooms or shared dorms are available from as low as €10. Closer to the center will offer you more affordable rooms than anyplace else.

Besides being on this tough budget, booking a Barcelona day tour will also help you save a lot while not missing out on any major attraction. The highly customizable and budget tours will ensure you enjoying free as a traveler.