How to Enjoy Your Vacation in Jacksonville Florida – Some Tips for You

Palm trees and sunny beaches are the other names of Jacksonville, Florida. Apart from the wonderful beach experience, you can enjoy many things when in Jacksonville. 

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Here are some of the fun things that you should not miss when in Jacksonville. 

Friendship Fountain 

This fountain came into existence in the year 1960s and is known to pump more than 17,000 tons of water at a time in three separate pumps. It was even considered the tallest and biggest fountain at that time. 

Jacksonville Riverwalk 

The boardwalks and trails around the river is what make the Jacksonville Riverwalk. While strolling on these trails, you can enjoy the beauty of the skyline and other such views that surround the river. 

Catty Shack Ranch 

12 Things To Do In Jacksonville For An Amazing Vacay In Florida

As the name says, the wildlife sanctuary was prepared with the main goal of safeguarding the big cats such as lynxes, pumas, leopards, tigers, lions, etc., and every other big cat. These animals are the ones that are rescued from dangerous conditions and will be nurtured here. 

St. Augustine 

St. Augustine takes pride in being one of the ancient places in the US. It is located a little outside Jacksonville and can offer a wonderful experience in the world of history. 

Gate River Run 

Gate River Run, as the name says, is a kind of marathon that will be organized in Jacksonville every year. More than 20000 runners line up the starting line and enjoy running along with the fellow participants in the marathon. 

Morocco Shrine Auditorium 

The famous shrine is quite known for organizing the best light shows, family-friendly events, etc., for the visitors and is listed in the topmost position in the list of things to do in Jacksonville Florida. When in Jacksonville, do not forget to visit the shrine and have some fun time with your family. 

Grape and Grain Exchange 

From the outside, you will not get any special feeling from this place, except for the fact that it is just like any other bar in the neighborhood. However, the specialty of the bar is in its menu. They change their menu regularly and will also organize live music on weekends. 

Fort Caroline 

It is one of the ancient establishments in Jacksonville and is known to have been established by the European settlers belonging to the 1500s in America. It was burned down and built again over the years. 

Island State Park in Big Talbot 

The best way of enjoying an outdoor experience in Jacksonville is by visiting this park. It is even considered a haven for botanists. 

Mussallem Galleries 

It was an Oriental rug company that was established 100 years ago. Now it has collections belonging to the Middle East, Asian and American cultures. 

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