Hallasan National Park: Things You Should Know Before Your Visit

Hallasan National Park

Jeju Island is where Hallasan Mountain occupies the most exquisite spot. It is located right at the center of the island and thus can be reached from all four directions – East, West, North, and South. 

The area was categorized as a national park in 1970, and there are 368 parasitic volcanoes (peaks) around the Hallasan mountain.

Jeju island is nicknamed ‘the Hawaii of Korea’ for its white beaches, turquoise water, beautiful waterfalls, and dramatic scenery. 

Every year, thousands of hikers visit Hallasan National Park to witness the beauty of Jeju Island and Hallasan Mountain. 

Hallasan Mountain

Along with hikers, Hallasan Mountain is even well-known among scientists for its geological value. 

It has an amazing vertical ecosystem consisting of plants that have grown because of the different temperatures surrounding the mountain. 

Almost 1800 different kinds of plants are noticed on the mountain, as well as 4000 species of animals (3,300 species of insects) have been identified.

To explore the beauty and treasure of the mountain, all you have to do is walk through the well-built mountain hiking trails. 

The mountain is fairly easy to hike, with courses less than 10km in length. This means, it will be possible to reach the peak and come back in one day. 

Then again, the constantly changing weather can sometimes make it difficult. All in all, the national park is worth visiting for every outdoor enthusiast. 

There is total of seven hiking trails developed on the mountain, they are:

  • Gwaneumsa
  • Seongpanak
  • Eorimok
  • Yeongsil
  • Donnaeko
  • Eoseungsangak
  • Seokguram

Opening hours of the National Park

Before you plan your hike, it is best to know the opening hours of the National Park. After all, it is against the rules to stay overnight on the mountain. 

Usually, the park trails are open from 5 AM for the months from May to August, and 6 AM for the months from September to April. The hiking time is limited to ensure every return back before dark. 

When to visit Hallasan

The best time to visit this South Korea’s natural beauty is between Spring and Autumn. During this time, nature is blooming and creating beautiful sceneries, as well as the weather is favoring on most days. 

However, the climbing time will be limited, so it is best if you wake up early and plan your trip carefully. 

You will need at least an hour or 90 minutes to reach the foot of the mountain. Thus, plan your day accordingly. 

Hallasan National Park (2)

Besides, there are longer and shorter hiking trails to choose from. The Eorimok Trail and Yeongsil Trail are longer, so it will be better if start early, at 7 AM. Also, if you are on a longer trail, reduce the number of attractions you wish to cover.

Alternatively, you will only take about 60 to 120 minutes to complete the hike on shorter trails like Eoseungsaengak Trail and Seokgulam Trail. This means, you can even start by late morning or noon. 

Along with hiking trails, there are several worth checking out cliffs, forests, caves, gardens, and beaches while you are at the park. So, without any delay, start planning your trip right away.