European cruises: the best sea options listed

Going on European cruises is increasing popularity. The success of these cruises are related to the relative convenience that you have. Within one or two weeks, you can travel across Europe and visit major hotspots. During the night, you have the option of leisure and can sleep while the cruise is heading to the next destination. What are the best options that are available in Europe?

European cruises listed

We have combined the following list based on the popularity among international tourists. You can check which of the cruises suit your needs, as they differ widely. For example, there are cruises where the temperatures are high but also freezing places such as the Nordics. We will focus on the European cruises that go over sea in this article.


By far the most popular among European cruises is the Mediterranean. This area focuses on countries such as Spain, France, Italy, Croatia and Greece. Due to the pleasant temperatures and wide range of countries and cultures, tourists love these cruises. Additionally, it is possible to decide on your own route. 

Many operators are active in this region, meaning that you can select the cities that you are interested to see. Within a period of two weeks, you can visit the La Sagrada Familia in Barcelona, walk along the canals in Venice and visit the ancient city of Athens. Not to mention all the nice food that you can experience on this journey!

Croatia is becoming one of Europe’s biggest sailing destination. In the last few years, there has been a considerable increase in the tourists in Croatia and tourists sailing in Catamaran Charter Croatia.

Norwegian Fjords

From the pleasant Mediterranean breeze to the colds of the Nordics… the Fjords of Norway are another popular destination among tourists. Here you can see nature at its best. The far-reaching and impressively large Fjords are a must see in your lifetime. Although the temperatures are on average quite cold, it is a pleasant travel to combine with your visit to Norway.


You can start your journey through the Norwegian Fjords by taking a cruise from The Netherlands, Germany, England, Denmark and Sweden.

British Isles

Another favourite are the Isles of Britain. Here you can experience British culture at its best. Traveling across multiple islands and visiting cities such as Manchester and Dublin will provide you with a perfect insight into Britain.

Onto the river

Besides these popular cruises that are accessible via the sea, there are very popular cruises that go onto the European rivers. Ranging from beautiful scenery in Germany to the small cities of Belgium with their picturesque streets and bars. These cruises are a category on their own and deserve to be researched. Although you will mostly stay in one country or region, it can provide you with a balanced impression of nature, cities and rural life. This can be considered a contrast to the Mediterranean cruise, where you hop from one large city to another.