Enjoying The Clear Sea Water

From The Hilltop of Labuan Bajo vs. From The Top of Coral Reef of Pulau Suluban (Suluban Island)

Labuan Bajo, which is projected as a premium tourist destination, certainly offers many sights that attract the attention of tourists, both domestic and international. Definitely, the beauty of this place makes people eager to go there.

Recommended Places to Enjoy The Beauty of Labuan Bajo

This place is one of Indonesia’s prima donna locations that is known for its ancient animal, the Komodo dragon. The beauty of Labuan Bajo view makes it a good place for photo hunters, who can take many pictures of the islands, stunning underwater scenery, beaches, various flora and fauna.

  1. Kelor Island

This first destination can be reached in 10-15 minutes. From the top, you will enjoy the enchanting view of the clear blue water and hills from islands around it. Kelor Island belongs to Taman Nasional Komodo and has become the only natural habitat that Komodo lives in.

  1. Rinca Island

Besides Kelor Island, visitors can also see Komodo dragons on this island. With abundant savannas, travelers can hike comfortably and take pictures with the Komodo dragons. Other faunas that can be found here are monkeys, buffalo, deer, and various kinds of birds.

  1. Kalong Island

Home of a thousand big bats could be your alternative option if you’re looking for the best scenery in Labuan Bajo. In the daylight, the bats are hanging on the trees. While the view of twilight sky decorated with thousands of bats can be enjoyed from late in the evening until late at night.

  1. Pink Beach Labuan Bajo

As the name suggests, this beach has pink sand that blends with clear blue seawater. The pink color comes from the red coral reef called Homotrema Rubrum. The visitor could swim, snorkel, and do diving activities accompanied by the beautiful sea nature.

  1. Gili Lawa

Gili Lava is facing directly to Flores Sea. The most iconic thing that you can find in this place is the seawater in between two islands, which can be an attractive photo spot. The attraction of Gili Lawa is divided into two parts, first Gili Lawa Darat and Gili Lawa Laut, this spot is perfect for hiking so that you can enjoy the scenery from the top. 

Passing the Hallway that Leads to Suluban Beach

Suluban Beach is very popular among domestic tourists and foreigners also surfers because of its powerful high waves. This beach is one of the many beautiful beaches in Bali.

Suluban beach Cave Bali is unique because it is hidden and has two giant rocks that are seen as gates to the beach itself. ‘Mesulub,’ the origin of the word ‘Suluban,’ means walking past something.

The two cliffs looked like a passage that had to be passed. They flank the road leading to the beach before taking visitors to the sea. The beauty of Blue Point Beach, the name given by the foreign tourists for Suluban Beach, can also be enjoyed from above.

Before heading to the beach, the trick is that you need to go through cafes and restaurants, which are located on top of a cliff. At the edge of the cliff, there is a place to sit to relax and enjoy the panoramic view of the blue sea and rolling waves while capturing photos.

Indonesia is indeed rich in tourist attractions. Even though it’s not a premium tourist destination like Suluban Beach or the panoramic beauty of Labuan Bajo. Maybe they are both incomparable, because of their equal beauty. Definitely worth visiting, right?