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Customize Your Grilled Steak Just The Way You Want

Having a special gathering with friends in summer or just any random dinner date with friends, grilled steak is definitely one of the unbeatable choices that the majority people would love to go with. Whether you are having the scrumptious and crispy charred T bone or Porterhouse, the side dishes are a must and you have to decide their sequence carefully so that they add more taste to your main dish.

Be it the classy potato on the side or crunchy salad, the leading steakhouse restaurants have the best options ready for you. You just have to have some idea about the right type of sidekick to go with your steak or you can simply check out the menu book at steakhouse restaurants for a better idea.

Some side dishes for that extra punch with your steak

  1. Grilled sweet potatoes with that delish smoky char and sweet yet spicy dressing add health and extra punch to your grilled steak.
  2. If you love veggies then grilled broccoli with parmesan is going to do the magic for you. The broccoli is marinated in lemon juice plus olive oil and parmesan is grated on top to add that super yummy and creamy flavor.
  3. A tangy slaw made with the greens of your choice simply adds that extra hint of spices and touch of good health.
  4. Ever tried the herbed cucumber dish to go with your steak? It is herbed as well as smashed along with some shallots and yoghurt to bring out the flavor and that essential creamy texture.
  5. Grilled zucchini salad with lemon and oregano dressing is another delish side dish that will add more flavors to your grilled steak.
  6. Exotic squash gratin with a hint of garlic, shallots, and an undertone of grated parmesan and panko breadcrumbs gives you the perfect side dish, to which you will just love to come back.
  7. Grilled onions, bacon and potatoes on skewers add that perfect note of more veggies and little bacon.

The list can simply go on and on as you come across more exotic and exquisite ingredients that are mixed together to create scrumptious magic to complement the main steak platter. Rib n Reef steakhouse restaurant is among the most loved steakhouse restaurants in Montreal where you are going to enjoy dining with your loved ones and definitely come back for more sizzling action.