Buying a Used Camper Van

So you are a travelling to a new place and looking for a perfect camper van. One thing many tourists prefer while choosing a camper van is to buy a used one compared to buying a new one or taking one for lease. This makes more sense when they are planning their vacation on a budget.

So if you are one of those planning to buy a used campervan, here are some things that might help you choose a good one.

First thing you need to remember while buying a used van is that it is not an easy feat. You will have to deal with many people and many dealers. One thing you need to understand here is, there are many people out there just trying to make money selling you some crap. Please don’t get me wrong, not all are like this but a majority of them are like this – they will lie on your face. So it is always recommended that you approach a reliable used van dealer to get a good deal.

Also, many of them are not responsive and very unprofessional. So it is better to look for the well known used van dealer in the area.


For many people this is the first consideration while choosing a used van. But, a well maintained vehicle is more important. A well maintained vehicle with bit less mileage can be more useful in the long run than the uncared vehicle with slightly better mileage. You can increase the mileage a bit by giving it to service for a better mechanic.


This of course is a main thing to consider. The main reason for choosing a used van is budget; isn’t it? Buying a new for camping for a traveler does not make sense. If you lease out a vehicle, you cannot make major modifications as per your specific needs. Choose a vehicle that comes in your budget, please see to it that you are not using up your emergency budget for this.


How old is old when you are planning to buy a used van? Of course, the newer models of vehicles come with better safety and general features, you need to consider what is most important for you. 

Any vehicle which is around ten years old would have the basic safety and other features you might be looking for. Very old vehicles are prone to more breakdowns and are really not advised for camping. 



This is one aspect you should be looking at. Most of the second hand van buyers ignore this. Body rust on a van can indicate the maintenance of the previous owner. Moreover, removing rust is a difficult process. As the rust grows, it weakens the body of the vehicle.

Vehicle Specific Issues

Some specific models and vehicles released in some years will have issues. After you have decided to go for a vehicle, check on the internet, may be in forums, to check the common problems and if you can ignore them.

Resale Value

Once you are done with the camping, you might want to sell it. So, check the resale value of the vehicle that you are planning to buy. There are some vehicle dealers who will buy back their vehicles.

So, the next time you are planning for camping and looking for used vans and trucks, keep the above things in mind. Also, try visiting a reputed local dealership as you will have the best chances of getting a good deal.

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