Are you planning a trip to Italy? Here’s what you should know! 

From its renowned gastronomy to its picturesque nature and landscapes, this Mediterranean nation is a land of immense culture and heritage. Whether you’re traveling with family, friends or your beloved, there’s something for everyone in beautiful Italian lands and regions. Imagining yourself wandering through the streets of Italy is an exciting prospect, yet before you set off on your adventure it’s important to think about how to best prepare. Here are some recommendations for your trip in Italy! 

Some amazing places in Italy

Exploring Italy can be a daunting task considering the stunning variety of landscapes, monuments and experiences the country offers. From the crystal clear waters of its beaches, to incredible mountains both north and south, rolling Tuscan hills and countless islands, you may find it hard to pick just one! We are here to help narrow down your search for an unforgettable trip. If you are visiting Italy for the first time, surely you cannot miss the Capital: Rome. The best tour agencies, such as, offer you plenty of opportunities: you can visit the city and then leave for an amazing tour in Tuscany, in Umbria or maybe on the Amalfi Coast! All you have to do is book your favorite tour and enjoy a comfortable trip: your personal driver will take you for a private tour in some of the most amazing locations near Rome. The tours with Romecabs begin from your hotel or B&B in Rome, so you can visit your chosen place and be back in just a day!

The best period to visit Italy

When planning a trip to the beautiful nation of Italy, you should know that the climate is not going to be a big issue: most of the year, the temperatures are pleasant. If you want to avoid the large crowds of tourists and excessive prices, though, the best periods to travel to Italy are spring and fall. Alternatively, winter could be an option for those who would like to partake in skiing actions on famous locations on the Alps. If you are a fan of the beaches and sea, maybe you should consider a spring or summer tour: you cannot miss the Amalfi Coast tour by Romecabs!