All You Need To Know About Albania Beaches

If you like amazing and beautiful beachside then Albania so than coastline is just the place for you. Albania beaches are very beautiful and known for its mesmerizing view. It is rightly said to be the rival of Greece at a price. If you love the coastal bays, you can always visit the nature’s gift -springs at Saranda or the lake shores in the Macedonian border. Albania is a place packed with surprises and mysteries for its visitors.  It’s not possible to visit all the beaches in a single trip, but one shall never miss the top three beaches.


If you are someone who loves beaches but are not fond of those crowded ones, Drymades is the beach for you. Albania beaches offer serenity to the visitors and are known for their beauty. Drymades is a beach that is located in a small place named Dhërmi. The beach is divided into two parts, one with pebbles and the other with sands. There is a big rock-like structure that helps in dividing it into two parts with its own uniqueness. The visitors can just visit the place, lie down in one of those beach couches, and take a sunbath. They are able to get that relaxation which was the main motive behind visiting the beach.


Ksamil is an Albania beaches which is located to the south of Saranda. After Drymades, this is one kf the places where visitors can visit and relax. It is also famously called “the Ionian pearl”. The beauty of the place is so mesmerizing that the name that it has gained is rightly given. It’s a bay with three small islands which can easily be reached with the help of a boat. If one is a good swim on that and just came across. This is what adds to its beauty.


Another Albania beaches which has won the heart of many tourists is the Gijpe. It is hidden by the mountains which make it a perfect Please for those who just want to get lost somewhere out of the crowd in the beauty of nature. It is another of those details which not many people reach. The main reason is that the beach is very far from the road. People can only Reach It by trekking. It’s a 30mim trek and one can get The Spectacular view of the coast on their way. You are surely going to love it.

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