A Trip to Hong Kong: The Best Travel You Can Ever Make

Hong Kong is a privileged tourist destination for visitors from all over the world, and, more particularly, for parents accompanied by their children! You will find below our advice for your family stay in Hong Kong.

What do you like the most? The theme parks, natural landscapes, historic sites, shopping, hiking, the beach, camping or good restaurants? Hong Kong has it all.

From San Francisco you can easily board a plane to Hong Kong. Among all the flight services available now, Cathay Pacific happens to be a wise choice. Booking the flight tickets is easy and you can head for Hong Kong. The comfort of the flight journey will prepare you for a long and wide trip to Hong Kong.

Here is a way to organize your stay:

  • First, opt for a one or two day tour.
  • Second, choose an amusement park to visit for each day. For this purpose, see below the information concerning the amusement parks.
  • Finally, examine the circuits of one or two days suggested below, fully customizable by “Voyages Chine”.
  • We recommend formulas that should not burden your budget or make you waste too much time on public transport. The goal is, above all, to have a good time.

What makes Hong Kong so special for families?

Hong Kong Many factors make Hong Kong very special: relative security with a low crime rate and a certain modesty (association of Confucian standards and English morals) meaning that its inhabitants generally show great respect for others. These social aspects play a key role in making your family visit easier and more enjoyable.

Other assets, Hong Kong has modern infrastructure and hi-tech attractions, in addition to nature reserves, a highly developed public transport network, cleanliness and low pollution. Finally, there is a relatively low cost of living

In addition, this area is home to beautiful beaches as well as hiking trails and benefits from subtropical weather conditions. It never snows there and the weather is mostly sunny and warm.

Children’s attractions

You will now discover the three best amusement parks in Hong Kong declined below:

Ocean park

Undoubtedly, the favorite site of the Hong Kong natives, Ocean Park is equipped with the most modern thrill rides, hi-tech educational facilities, an aquatic exhibition, animal shows and, finally, a park zoological specially intended for children. From the cable car you will see the whole park with the surrounding sea. To date, this park ranks among the 15 most visited amusement parks in the world each year.


Would you like to go to Disneyland? You will discover one in Hong Kong on its Lantau Island. We find Disney characters, rides and new themed areas called Grizzly Gulch and Toy Story Land, which the little ones will undoubtedly appreciate.

Noah Ark

Do you want to introduce your children in a fun way, to the creation of the world, or on subjects like love and family? So go ahead, Noah Ark symbolizes the ideal place for the themes presented. You will also take advantage of its hotel and taste its magnificent seafood buffets.

This amusement park is ideal for families. There are very affordable room and meal rates. Located at the eastern end of the island of Lantau, the supervised public beach of Tung also remains the essential destination for a family outing.