A Sailing Honeymoon?

As a couple, you have many activities on your romantic sailing holiday (apart from the most obvious one of enjoying the surrounding views from the deck!)so when you’re putting together a travel itinerary, there are some exceptional things you can do as a couple on your honeymoon that you have never imagined of doing. 

Heading out on a sailing vacation for your honeymoon gives you the chance to know each other personally and what they love to do as well. Besides relaxing and chilling with your partner and pampering each other, you can venture out in the blue waters of the ocean for swimming and other water adventure sports like scuba diving, kayaking, snorkeling, ski, and even a dinghy ride. If you hire a luxury catamaran yacht for your sailing getaway, it will provide all the gears and equipment required for each of the water activities.

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Let us see the different fun activities that you can engage in your first sailing holiday as a couple.

  • Visiting Historical Sites and Landmarks on Shore 

One of the activities that you can get engaged for your romantic sailing trip is exploring and visiting various sites and landmarks that will take back to the history of that place. You can also find out their culture and heritage. If you love discovering historical areas, then you both will enjoy this activity as a couple.

  • Collecting Seashells at the Beachside

Everyone loves to collect seashells when they travel to beaches. And if you love to collect them since your childhood, then you can take in your partner in this activity and make it even more fun. Apart from sunbathing and strolling on the beach, this is another activity for you both that will make your sailing trip even more special and memorable.

  • Sampling Local Cuisine

If you and your wife are foodies, then this activity is just for you to enjoy as a couple. You can ask your crew or your captain to anchor the yacht in a place that is famous for food or has plenty of eateries to enjoy the local cuisine. Many destinations are famous for their food, so you choose your sailing locations according to that.

  • Shopping for Mementos and Souvenirs

No one comes back from a trip without buying some souvenirs and mementos. So you and your wife may collect some designer mementos from various stopover points of your sailing journey. Handmade and locally made items are best to choose for collecting as trip souvenirs.

  • Interacting with Local People

As a couple, if you love to meet different people, then you will enjoy interacting with the local residents. You can ask them about the must-visit places and get to know about the uniqueness and exclusivity of that place as well. You get to know more about the history and heritage of that location too.

  • Learning Sailing Skills from Your Captain

Learning sailing skills is another attractive activity that you can involve as a couple. Most of the luxury catamaran captains are willing to make you learn about the techniques and methods to sail into shallow water areas.