A Guide to Spending a Holiday in the Lake Clementine

One of the most unique lifestyles is possible on the shores of Lake Clementine, a small freshwater lake within the city limits of Auburn state.

The unique lifestyle that this lake offers is the many houseboats that adorn the edges of the lake. These homes are some of the most unique in Auburn state and often feature styles and designs that can easily become works of art. Signatures of many local Auburn state artists and architects can be seen on these houses. Although these homes are usually smaller in size, they make up for size with location and personality. Large houseboats can be found that are almost indistinguishable from what you find on land. They are just a little less common.

Staying in Lake Clementine

If you want to live in Lake Clementine, you have several options. Your options include staying in a houseboat, condominium, barge, houseboat, or safari. The lake is surrounded by many condominiums overlooking Lake and is a great place to live and most of the time; these condos offer incredible views of the water as well as the city. As the land recedes from the lake on almost all sides, there are opportunities for hidden or breathtaking views in the surrounding area.

Houseboats are also a great opportunity. You will find one of the films in the unforgettable film Sleepless in Auburn state. Much of this film was filmed in or around the Lake. There are only a few houseboat communities in the entire United States, and this is completely life-changing. That these areas create a sense of a close-knit community is an understatement. The surrounding nature and stunning views are not taken for granted, and the grandeur of the area is hard to miss.


There are no property taxes on houseboats, but you must pay sales taxes and dock fees. There is no grass to cut. Since these homes are on the water, they usually require a little more maintenance, but the advantages far outweigh the disadvantages. Buying a houseboat on Lake Clementine will suddenly take you to one of the smallest, most exclusive and unique communities in the country and indeed in the world. This is not an exaggeration. You can step off the porch and take a boat trip to your favorite lakeside restaurant, or enjoy a daily workout, including kayaking or windsurfing. If you want to be a part of one of Auburn state’s most unique experiences, consider living in the stunning waters of Lake Clementine on a houseboat.