6 Tips to help you plan a successful trip to Komodo Island

It’s every traveller’s dream to lay foot on a rich, beautiful and adventurous travel destination like Indonesia’s Komodo Island. This destination presents its visitors with so much to do and see. But getting an outstanding experience calls for good preparation. 

This guide present 6 tips that will help you get ready for your full or mini-vacation to one of the world’s leading travel destinations; Komodo Island; Indonesia. Read through to get insightful tips that will help you plan and make your dream trip come true. 

Where is Komodo Island?

Komodo Island is in Indonesia. From Bali city, you can book a flight to Flores Island and then cruise to Komodo. Alternatively, you can take a cruise all the way. A cruise is more adventurous but this would mean digging dipper into your pocket and taking 3-4 travel days. 

What singles out Komodo from other islands is that it has an all-round package of an ideal travel adventure. 

Useful tips for a successful trip to Komodo Island

  • Schedule your travel at the best time of the year

There is no such thing as a wrong time to visit an island endowed with so many breathtaking sites. That said, it is best if you travel at a time when the weather is bearable for outdoor adventures. For Komodo Island, this time is from April to December which is a dry season. 

You might want to be more specific in your consideration depending on the attractions that you yearn for the most. For instance, if your interest is in marine wildlife, you may prefer to schedule your travel between September and November.

  • Get the right gear

Komodo Island has a largely mountainous and hilly terrain. An adventure around the green hills will mostly be on foot. You, therefore, need to pick the right clothes. Cotton t-shirts and vests are the perfect choice because you will be sweating a lot. 

Remember that this island is home to beautiful diving sites and beaches. It would be a terrible mistake to plan for diving in Komodo Island without the appropriate gear. 

  • Pack your personal effects

As already mentioned, Komodo Island tends to be hot between April and December. Also, some must-travel islands such as Rinca (the home of Komodo dragons) have a hot and dry climate. Prepare for this by acquiring some handy personal effects such as sunscreen and sun-blocking hats. 

  • Have a good camera at hand

A good photo is one of the things to show for a memorable travel experience. Nowadays, most smartphone devices can get the job done. Have a good one at hand or borrow from a friend. Komodo Island has many picturesque sites worth capturing. For instance, who wouldn’t want to pose for a photo along the soft pink sandy beach of Pantai Merah? 

This experience gets even better with underwater cameras! This way, you will be able to bring home some real-time photos of marine life. 

  • Keep all the safety tips on your fingertips

Some of the sites worth visiting in Komodo Island are as dangerous as they are thrilling. For instance, it is exciting to watch the Komodo dragons but a wrong move could cause (God forbid) an attack. Keep in mind all the safety tips that will be shared by your ranger. For example, you should not attempt to threaten the reptile in any way. 

Similarly, some of the dynamic diving sites are characterized by fierce currents and waves. You must avoid this if you are a newbie diver. 

  • Bring your adventurous team

As the saying goes, the more, the merrier. Most of the fun activities in Komodo Island are more thrilling in the company of your friends. In addition to being merrier, tagging your friends also cuts down on cost. You get to split bills accruing from adventurous activities such as boat cruises and other touring expenses. 


Whether you are a serious diver, an average swimmer, a snorkeler or interested in enjoying the natural beauty of the 29 islands within Komodo national park, you need to have a plan. With the tips above, we believe that you will be able to plan and have the ultimate adventure.