5 Things to Do in Jakarta at Night

As a metropolitan city, Jakarta can be said as a city that never sleeps. Jakarta at night looks beautiful with the twinkling city lights and various attractions. Of course, those of you who are in Jakarta can’t miss this beauty.

What to do in Jakarta at night? There are many things to do in Jakarta the night. Tourists can undoubtedly hang out at nightclubs, bars, and cafes which are easy to find. Apart from that, there are other exciting things to do for those who don’t like nightclubs.

Exciting Things to Do in Jakarta at Night

To make your vacation in Jakarta even more memorable, you should try the Jakarta nightlife by doing the following things.

  1. Visiting Monas (National Monument)

The National Monument is open every Tuesday to Sunday from morning to night. So, tourists who want to see the beauty of Jakarta at night from above can climb to the top of Monas. The price of admission to the top of Monas is very affordable. Besides climbing to the top of Monas, visitors can also visit the Monas museum and sit in the outer courtyard while enjoying snacks.

  1. Visiting Kuta Tua (Old Town)

Tourists who want to enjoy the classic side of Jakarta at night can visit Kota Tua. At night, Kota Tua is generally crowded with visitors. They are usually hunting for photos around the Fatahillah Museum which looks neat with lights. After taking pictures, they usually walk around the courtyard to buy street food or souvenirs. Some people also hang out in the museum’s yard, and some others would choose cool cafes to hang out.

  1. Culinary Hunting at Pasar Baru

Another thing to do Jakarta in the night is to hunt for culinary delights at Pasar Baru. There are many delicious culinary delights in Pasar Baru, from cheap to expensive ones, for example, Bakmi Gang Kelinci, Bakmi A Boen, Jonisteak, Soto Betawi, various meatballs, and various street foods. In addition to culinary hunting, visitors can also shop for various items, such as clothes, textiles, and accessories. Generally, these items are sold at more affordable prices.

  1. Jakarta Aquarium Safari

Jakarta Aquarium is open until 9 pm every day during the pandemic. You can find various types of aquatic animals in this place and see other fascinating animals, such as lemurs, macaws, otters, and snakes.

  1. Hang out at the Rooftop Bar

Jakarta has many cool rooftop bars, for example, BART, Lucy in the Sky, and Cloud Lounge. The place is suitable for visitors who want to see the glittering Jakarta while relaxing and enjoying a drink.

Jakarta at night is never quiet. There is always an excellent place to hang out in this city at night. However, visitors are still advised to be more cautious to do these night activities.