Travel To Thermal and Desert Hot Springs For The Best Weekend!

Very often we long to visit somewhere away from the daily hustle of our lifestyle. We try to find recluse away from all the noises. If you are feeling the same, then Thermal and Desert Hot Springs are two great places to head for. Let’s take a look at what are the fun things you can do when you are in one of these two cities.

What to do in Thermal?

With less than 4000 residents, Thermal in Coachella Valley is an attractive place to spend in recluse for a few days. Surrounded by nature and rough terrain, there are lot of fun and exciting things you can probably do here.

  • The very first thing to do when you are in Thermal is to pay a visit to the Joshua Tree National Park. Here, rent a jeep and go for a tour through the whole park. Explore every corner of the National Park and witness the vast expanse of rough terrain and the old rock formations. Don’t miss the sunset.

  • The ultimate sporting adventure you can do here in Thermal is the bicycle tour up the Earthquake Canyon. Yes! If you want to test your physical fitness then this is the best way to do so. The tour takes you through the different geographical landscapes of this area. Witness the entire Coachella Valley from the top of the canyon as well.

  • If you are well over 21 years of age, then why don’t you visit the Doobie Thermal dispensary and order some great marijuana products. They have a wide range of 100% organic products that can help you feel calm and relaxed. So, you are guaranteed to get a fantastic and sound sleep at night.

What to do in Desert Hot Springs?

One of the most popular locations in the entire Coachella Valley, Desert Hot Springs is a must visit place. With more than 26,000+ residents it is one of the biggest cities in Riverside County.

  • Visit the Cabot’s Pueblo Museum and check out the wonderful artifacts which have been preserved in this museum. More than 50 years old, the museum holds great significance to the local history and culture of the place.

  • Head to the Living Waters Spa and enjoy a relaxing time with your loved ones. Take a dip into the warm and wonderful waters of the spa that is sourced from the nearby hot springs. You can rejuvenate and heal yourself by taking a dip for 30 minutes in it. It’s a wonderful experience altogether.

  • You can also check out Doobie Desert Hot Springs dispensary and shop for some amazing products. They have a wide range of hemp items that include tinctures and edibles of all kind. So, just visit the website and enjoy a relaxing time at the hotel.

So, here are the top things you can do in Thermal and Desert Hot Springs. Make sure to check out the Doobie website and find out the wide range of products they have on offer.