There Is Much More Than What Meets The Eye, Marbella Has Something For Everyone

With May right upon us it is the perfect time to start speaking about Marbella, one of the best touristic destinations within all of the European territory. Widely known for being one of the most luxurious and exclusive destinations, this Spanish town, at the south of Andalucía and pretty close to Málaga, offers a warm temperature that is neither too cold or too hot throughout the year.

Due to its reputation and exclusivity, it is quite common to see famous people, or even the royalty from different corners of the world visiting the city, especially during summer. This same town, however, holds its hands very closely with its classical architecture that can be best seen in the old town, making Marbella not only a house of the modern times luxury, but also a window to the Andalucian past for its visitors.

There are plenty of options of things to see and do in Marbella

Marbella is not all about shopping and hunting for seeing famous people; there are plenty of parks, avenues, historic buildings and, of course, its famous port Puerto Banús.

This city was founded many centuries ago, being one of the oldest towns in Spain, and this can be easily seen as the streets still have that moor influence, mainly on all of its architecture. The old town, surrounded by the remains of an Arabic wall of old, is located at the very heart of Marbella. Opposite to what happens at the Golden mile or the most cosmopolitan places, this one is better known for having less expensive places where you can just have dinner, drinks, or spend a nice evening in company.

Moving around the city should be quite easy for any visitor, as this is one of the top destinations it is used to accommodate large amounts of visitors and make life easier for them. As such, it offer more modest options in public transportation, as well as options for those who don’t want to run along with the clock around the different schedules of the transportation. Getting to the city from the airport is also very easy as there are plenty of Malaga to Marbella transfer Services, which are also pretty much recommendable for those who prefer to be taken to places instead of driving themselves.

If you happen to come to Marbella, you can’t miss the chance to visit the old Hospital de Bazan, which is now a contemporary arts museum that holds some of the most important Spanish art from the past century. Marbella is definitely more than just expensive shops and luxury; it is also a well suited place to rest both your body and your mind.