Exciting kid’s activities in Sydney Australia that will blow your mind away.

Sydney Australia apart from being one of earths iconic cities is among the best tourist destinations with some of the most adventurous activities for kids and adults that will make your family vacation worth the time and investment. Vacations usually require some preparation and planning to ensure you settle on the best activities, destinations, and accommodation at the best possible prices which can be a challenge with the last-minute rush. However, if it is the first time you’re visiting the city, this article will outline some of the most spectacular places and activities that will most certainly be fun for you and your family as follows;

  1. Surfing at Bondi Beach.

Bondi Beach in Australia is one of the best locations where families can learn surfing and share beautiful memories while doing so.  The surf is rarely that wild considering the beach is facing the south making the spot a perfect place for beginners.

  1. Go for whale watching.

Even though this activity is seasonal running from May to December and peaking between June and July, it is considered one of the most fun activities in Sydney. I would recommend taking off from Darling Harbour considering you don’t only get to cruise past the iconic Harbour Bridge but you will most likely be among the first people on the boat and get to have the best view.

  1. Going for rides at Luna Park.

This is one of the best places if your kids love merry go rounds, ferries wheels, carnivals, etc. The entrance to the park is free although you are required to purchase riding tickets for any of the rides either unlimited ones that single-ride tickets that can only be used once. The type of rides however is determined using the height of your child with some rides restricted to relatively older kids.

  1. Go to the SEA LIFE aquarium.

The SEA LIFE aquarium will give your family an underwater view of marine life such as sharks, penguins, etc. This breathtaking experience will always be a memory that your kids will remember for years to come and it is as well educative as much as it is fun to the whole family.

  1. Climbing the Harbour Bridge.

The Harbour Bridge, one of Sydney’s most iconic landmarks organizes safe and thrilling climbing activities for families usually with kids over 8 years. You have to climb up to 200 steps with three exhibition levels to explore on your way up. All in all, the view from the top of this bridge is spectacular and an experience which the whole family will enjoy.

  1. Going up to the topmost point of the Sydney Tower.

Sydney tower is the tallest free-standing structure towering at 309 meters. The view from the building’s observation deck is second to none and by paying $18 and $11 for adults and children respectively, you can be sure to have a bird’s eye view of the most breathtaking scenery.