Best Places To Visit In A Day Tour In Jakarta


Jakarta is the capital city of Indonesia. There are many things to do there. There are lots of theme parks, museums, temples, shopping malls, and other natural scenic beauty. Jakarta is the central business and financial capital of Indonesia. Lots of mosques and Hindu Temples are there in Jakarta. Here also you can get best yet most cheap hotels in Jakarta where you can spend your vacation in great luxury.

There are a lot of tourist attractions to enjoy.

Petak Sembilan Market

It is a market with has excellent Chinese snacks, food, and beverage. Lots of other items are also available like fresh meats, chicken, pork vegetables, and other food items.

Bounce Street Asia Trampoline Park

It is a place for entertainment with a pleasant atmosphere, lighting and sound, and friendly staff. It is located in a central location, easy to identify.

Jalan Mangga Dua Raya

It is a shopping center with lots of things to buy. It has food items and other household necessities. It is a cozy place, a perfect place for gathering or family. It is full of greenery. It is suitable for both adults and children, and team outing.

Other city attractions in Jakarta

Museum di Tengah Kebun: It is a museum in the middle of a garden in Kemang. Schmutzer Primate Center is a zoo, with orangutans and gorilla. Kampung Bekelir is a garden of various plants and flowers. Pondok Indah Water Park is made for surfing, swimming, and children play area. New Museum is a gallery of contemporary Indonesian art.

Monas Dancing Fountain

It is a dancing fountain with light and sound. It is usually good to visit during the night. It is operational during weekend. Formulation of Proclamation Text Museum is a history museum in Jakarta. Taman Potret is a garden full of greenery. There is a playground in the garden where you can enjoy with children.

Beautiful museums of Jakarta

Benteng Heritage Museum: It is a heritage site in Pasar Lama. It is in the old market district in Tangerang. Taman Potret is near the river Cisadane. This museum throws light on the history and heritage of the ethnic Chinese in Indonesia. It is one of the oldest monuments and is within walking distance from city oldest temple Boen Tek Bio.

Markets in Jakarta

Mayestik Market: It is a ten storied building with vendors, which includes textiles as well. Depok Fantasi Waterpark-Aladdin is a Kid-friendly Arabian themed water park where children can enjoy. Thus, you can have a fun-filled vacation in the city of Jakarta.