4 Top Tasmanian Destinations to Visit in a Camper Trailer

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While Tasmania may carry the title of the smallest state in Australia, don’t let its size fool you. With over 20% of its landmass being covered by national parks and abundant driving routes, Tasmania is a prime location for camping, especially in camper trailers. Here are four of the top Tasmanian camping destinations to visit in a camper trailer. 

Narawntapu National Park

Located in the north of Tasmania is Narawntapu National Park, situated about an hour’s drive from Launceston. Narawntapu is noted for blending together many different types of environment, ranging from coastal landscape to dense bushland. 

Those travelling in camper trailers will be able to safely get close to the abundant wildlife and have the choice of five camping spots spread throughout the parkland. In order to camp at Narawntapu, you’ll need to purchase a camping pass which is affordably priced for families.

Freycinet National Park

While East Tasmania offers more small towns and settlements to visit, it shouldn’t be mistaken as more “metropolitan” than the north. In fact, East Tasmania offers plenty of good camping spots of its own. Freycinet National Park is arguably one of the most unique coastal locations in Australia. Freycinet is home to Wine Glass Bay, which, as its namesake suggests, is a bay where the land formation forces the water to pool into the shape of a wine glass. 

Families travelling in camper trailers will relish in letting lazy sun-soaked afternoons roll by, or if they favour being more active, there are plenty of walking trails and lookouts that offer endless photo opportunities. 

Tasman National Park

The southern part of Tasmania is where you’ll find the more remote and rural camping spots. Tasman National Park is one of two major national parks on the south coast of Tasmania. Tasman National Park is arguably the most unique camping destination on this list due to its stunning rock formations and sea cliffs that overlook the open sea.

The area is also famous for Port Arthur, a significant Australian historical sight. Those journeying with camper trailers will have their pick of 40 campsites spread out across the park. Due to its popularity, it is essential to book a campsite in advance, especially during peak camping seasons.

Henty Dunes

In startling contrast to the other more coastal and forest-like national park locations on offer throughout Tasmania, Henty Dunes has the look and feel of a Western Australian desert. Considered a ‘secret spot’ by locals, travellers come to experience the white sand that seems to stretch on for infinity but actually ends up magically turning into dense rainforest.  

Although the entire reserve is without any designated campsites or facilities, tourists have been able to make do by camping in areas nearby, especially if they’re travelling in camper trailers. 

While there are many reasons to explore Tasmania, taking your camper trailer to make unforgettable memories while travelling in both style and comfort may well be the best reason of them all.