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Dec 5, 2014

Ladan talks about his experiences getting sick or injured while abroad


Check out this experimental podcast which is both on YouTube as well as http://travelwisdompodcast.com/ 


Ladan is sporting a bandage from a recent event in a German bar. He talks about the experience of going to the hospital in Germany.


Ladan also talks about getting ringworm in Armenia, cutting his toe and getting stitches in Egypt, a friend getting Dengue Fever in Costa Rica, and finally getting inevitable leg injuries in Thailand.


With all of these experiences came new knowledge and wisdom. Most of all what he found was that going to the Pharmacy first is usually a good idea for non-emergencies.


Finally, what was not really covered in the episode was that you should evaluate why a certain sickness or injury happened. Is there anything you can learn from it? What can this event teach you for the future?


Let us know what you think about this experimental YouTube inclusion.